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Hi! My name is Adriana and I’m currently a grade 11 honour roll student in the french immersion program at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute. I am very active around my school, participating in music council, playing in my school orchestra, volunteering at my school library, and occasionally tutoring my classmates. In my free time, I enjoy baking, walking my dog, and playing instruments such as violin and piano. I have also been horseback riding for many years, and am a blackbelt at Northern Karate Schools. I love discovering and sharing new ways to understand concepts, and I try to accommodate all learning styles.

Hi! My name is Alex, and I am a grade 11 French Immersion honour roll student at Malvern Collegiate Institute. I am particularly fond of languages, and am currently working on mastering my fourth language. I also excel in math and sciences, as well as the dramatic arts. I am a former member of the Glen Ames robotics team, where I gained proficiency in several coding languages, as well as teamwork and innovation skills. I have a love of reading and am currently in the process of writing several original novels. As the proud and oldest of three girls, I have lots of experience working with younger audiences, and love helping them achieve their highest learning potential!

Hi! My name is Amelia and I am a Grade 12 Honour Roll student at De La Salle Collage Oaklands. I have lots of experience working with children ages 3+ through babysitting and leadership programmes. I am currently a peer tutor for grades 5-10 at my school.  I absolutely love Math and Science and I want to share my passion for it by helping others learn.  Amongst my friends, I’m known to be patient, hard working, responsible and enthusiastic. You can usually find me at school helping others in the math office or giving my time to the Flora and Fauna volunteer club to care for the plants and animals.  In my spare time I enjoy art, biking, kayaking and generally enjoying the great outdoors!  I hope I can help you improve in maths and science and develop your own passion for learning! 

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a grade 12 honour roll student currently enrolled in the IB program at Michael Power St. Joseph High School. I prefer to teach math and the sciences as I have taken the engineering pathway in the IB program and love to solve problems and work with numbers.  My academic achievements in math extend beyond my excellence in the IB program as I have won certificate honours in two Waterloo math contests and have won the Junior Medal of Achievement award for both my high grade average and for all the extracurricular activities I have done.  My success has not just been in school as I have participated in many extracurriculars and sports such as track and field, cross country, debate club, and chess club.  I have lots of experience tutoring as I have also tutored students at my school in our Math Cafe program and am looking forward to tutoring more students and helping the ones who are in need. I am always looking for a challenge which is why I have decided to pursue being a tutor with Teenage Tutors and I am a compassionate person and have worked with all kinds of different and diverse people when tutoring, so I am happy to tutor anyone as long as I can help people achieve high and meet their goals.

Andrew is a Grade 12 student at The York School pursuing an IB diploma.  Andrew has several years of experience tutoring his siblings and peers in Math, English, and Sciences. He has helped those he tutors achieve remarkable improvements in their grades and understanding of the subjects. Andrew also has experience teaching students with different learning styles and abilities, adapting his teaching techniques to meet the individual needs of each student.  Andrew is an active participant in various clubs, including DECA where he has successfully competed in competitions. He is also an excellent student with consistently honour roll grades in Math, English, and the Sciences. Apart from that, Andrew is an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys playing badminton and going to the gym regularly and is a part of various teams at his school. Andrew is flexible with his schedule and available to tutor both weekdays and weekends. Whether you need help with homework, exam preparation, or general subject matter comprehension, Andrew has the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Hi! My name is Angie and I am a grade 11 honours student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at Monarch Park C.I. Math is my favourite subject, followed by French.  I have competed in many math contests throughout the years and have completed some years of French immersion.  I was a finalist in the Concours D’art Oratoire, a French public speaking competition.   I practice boxing and badminton, and I have earned over 400 hours of volunteering. I hope to positively impact your child’s learning experience!

Hi! My name is Bennett.  I’m a grade 11 honour roll student and drama student at Etobicoke School of the Arts. I have lots of experience working with children. I volunteer twice a week to coach children in Jiu Jitsu at my dojo. The subjects I can tutor are math, science, English and French at a grade 1-6 level. I was in French Immersion from grade 1-8, although I sadly could not continue because my high school does not have a French Immersion program. During elementary school I struggled with grammar and math in particular and having somebody to explain and go over the parts I didn’t understand helped me tremendously!  I believe that with my help your child can greatly improve their grades and understanding of what they’re learning. I am excited to help your child with their academic success and find the fun in learning!

Hey! My name is Blanca and I am a grade 12 honours student at De La Salle College Oaklands. I have previous experience working with children through babysitting and peer tutoring grades 5-10 at my High School. I am interested in a variety of sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and lower grade Physics. As well, I excel in Functions and junior level Mathematics.  Outside of academics, I am bilingual in Spanish and English.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, biking, skiing and spending time with family and friends.  I look forward to contributing to the success of students!

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I am a grade 11 honour roll student at Humberside Collegiate Institute.  I have been a student in French immersion since I was four years old.  I take pride in my academics and thoroughly enjoy learning!  My favourite subjects in school are math and science but I have always excelled in French language too. I participate in a study group at school and we get together regularly for study sessions. Outside of school I babysit;  looking after all ages of children.  My hobbies are figure skating, playing piano, and I generally like all things creative (you should see my room decor!).  I also enjoy listening to music and I am quite possibly the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world!  I look forward to helping with my students’ success in academics and making learning fun!

Hi, my name is Cedric and I am a grade 11 honour roll student at Toronto West High School. I was born in Montreal and I am fluent in both French and English. My preferred subjects are Math, Science and English.  In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and I am currently playing for my school team.

Cameron is a third-year student at York University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music, with a concurrent education degree. A seasoned tutor, Cameron has multiple years of tutoring experience in a variety of subjects. Cameron was a high achieving secondary student at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, where he took a wide range of academic courses and honed his music skills. Cameron also received his French certificate and took immersion French for 9 years in elementary and middle school. He is most confident teaching math, French, English, and music, but is well-versed in a variety of other subjects. As a tutor, Cameron aims to teach students how to succeed in school in addition to preparing them for evaluations and assignments. Outside of tutoring, Cameron performs regularly around Toronto as a guitarist and bassist.

Hi, my name is Connor and I am a grade 12 honour roll student at Bishop Allen Academy.  I have experience tutoring students in both math and science.  I like helping people learn new things!  I also coach tennis for children from ages 3-16, so I have experience managing all ages and personalities. Besides coaching tennis, I also play for my school team and we made it to OFSAA in 2023.  I like to go to the gym and I created a pressure washing business with a partner.   I like to learn things like chess, Japanese and python outside of school.  I have been lucky enough to have a bunch of cool and interesting experiences; including walking four days to Machu Picchu and eating frozen seal liver.  My goal as a tutor is to help students overcome the problems they are facing and to equip them with the tools to fight these problems on their own.

Hi, I’m Cooper, a grade 12 student at the TOPS program at Bloor Collegiate Institute.  Throughout my years as a student I have been proficient and passionate in the subjects of math and science. Outside of school I enjoy athletics with a decade of experience playing in organized hockey and baseball.  I have also participated in a multitude of high school teams including varsity hockey and baseball, volleyball, swimming and ultimate frisbee.  I understand how important it can be to learn under an alternative teacher, having attended Spirit of Math for 8 years with successful academic high school results. With tons of experience working with children younger than me, as a camp counsellor and swim instructor, I hope I can help your child in the best way possible!

Hi there! I’m Crystal, a grade 11 honour roll student in the TOPS program at  Bloor Collegiate. I am passionate about STEM and an active student in my school community with previous experience working on Student Council, co-president of the Semi Committee, representing my school in HOSA, and I am on the school’s Track team.  Outside of school I enjoy boxing, where I have earned the Youth Program of Excellence and Athlete Leadership awards.  I also have a great passion for working with children through my experience as a dance instructor at TFS and as a camp counsellor.  I have played piano for over 10 years with the Royal Conservatory of Music and have completed my level 10 piano exams.  I am also a recent SHAD Alumni with a strong love for the sciences!  I would love to help your child excel in their academics in the best way that works for them!

Hi! My name is Devdan. I am a grade 11 Honour Roll student in the Math Science and Technology (MaST) program at Danforth CTI. My favourite subjects are Math and Science and I like to code as a hobby.  I have experience teaching children as a swim instructor and have also babysat for a number of years.  I am an experienced guitar player and play varsity volleyball.  I hope to help your child succeed in school and overcome any challenges they may face!

Hi! My name is Elora and I am a grade 11 honour student at East York Collegiate Institute. I have been enrolled in the French Immersion program since I was 4 years old and I am currently working towards an OSSD honours certificate of bilingual studies.  Some of my favourite subjects in school are music and creative writing.  I have been awarded for my language and literacy skills, recognizing my ability to apply concepts in a creative way.  I play piano, clarinet and my main instrument is voice.  Outside of school I study with The Royal Conservatory of Music.  In addition to music, I enjoy painting and learning martial arts. I believe in setting personal goals for each student. Understanding that success looks different for everyone is important.

Hey! My name is Emilea. I am a grade 11 student at Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School. I am an academic achiever in all my courses but especially in Math!  I received honour roll in both grades 9 and 10; with experience tutoring students of all ages, even as old as me! My hobbies are shopping, exploring new places with my friends, watching tv, volunteering and making queue cards to study. By the end of this year, I hope to gain a variety of volunteer experience and help students of all ages excel and understand math.

My name is Emma and I am a graduate of Loretto College School.  In my high school years I always maintained an average of 85%+ in my classes.  I have been tutoring for a year and my skills are language (English/French) and organizational strategies. I went to an elementary French immersion school – but I continued French courses throughout the entirety of high school. I will be attending TMU for image arts/film studies in September.  I love writing, music, and spending time with my friends :)

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa, where I completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science specializing in Neuroscience, and graduated summa cum laude. Throughout university, I have conducted research in neuron physiology and mental health, winning a research scholarship for my work. Before university, I graduated with French Immersion Honours from Malvern Collegiate Institute where I won the Daryl Sorbie Award for creative writing. I have worked with children and young adults for 10+ years in various roles such as tutoring, being a camp counsellor, and working in medical settings. I adore teaching (and learning) about science as I see it as a handbook to understand your own body and the world around you. I can’t wait to get to know your child and cater to their learning style!

Hi! My name is Eshal and I am a grade 10 student at Riverdale Collegiate Institute. My favourite classes have always been math and science and I can’t wait to help others with the knowledge I have gained in these subjects!  I have also been learning French for the past 6 years, and I love to play the double bass! I always strive to do my best which has landed me with grades above 90% in all of my courses.  I would describe myself as a very adventurous person who isn’t afraid of a challenge.  In my free time, you can either find me curled up with a book or hiking through the trails around Toronto.  I am the oldest cousin in my family, so you can trust that I have a lot of experience with children!

Hi, my name is Ethan! I am a grade 10 student at Leaside High School. I enjoy helping other students and strive to enhance my own learning. This summer I had the opportunity to practice my French when I travelled to Quebec City and Belgium. I am active in LanceBotics, my school’s robotics club and I love teaching others about the skills I have learned there. I am very proud to have won the Northlea EMS Grade 8 Academic Award and Arts Award. Outside of school, I play the piano, I draw, and I have just completed my Swim Instructor course. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your learning.

Hi! My name is Eve and I am a grade 11 honour roll student at Riverdale Collegiate Institute. I enjoy academics, especially math, core French, English and science. I love being involved in my school!  I am on the yearbook committee and in my school choir. I enjoy singing, playing the piano and dancing. Since 5 years I have been involved in Acro-dance and gymnastics.  I have a lot of experience helping children; volunteering at a day camp, babysitting for children in my neighbourhood and I was a mother’s helper for a family on holiday.  I have my Red Cross babysitting certificate. I would love to help your child excel in school through positivity, patience and determination.

Hi! My name is Faijul and I am a grade 12 honour roll student enrolled in the MaST program at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. My favourite subjects in school are Math, Physics and Chemistry, while I also really enjoy programming.  I am a very hard-working, responsible and academically inclined student who achieved a 98% average in grade 11.  Outside of school, I like to play soccer, frisbee, and practice new tunes on my guitar.  I have tutoring expertise in topics such as Math and Science where I am comfortable in tutoring up to a grade 11 level.  I am looking forward to supporting your child with any difficulties and building their academic confidence!

Hi! I’m Finlay. I m a grade 11 honour roll student in the MaST (Math, art, Science, Technology) program at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. While I excel at all my courses my strongest and favourite subjects are the Maths and Sciences.  I was in French Immersion from K-8 and continued taking French through grade 10.  I am very responsible and comfortable working with children of all ages as an experienced babysitter.  I would love to help students K-8 with their general homework and students from k-10 in maths/sciences.  My goal is to help students build confidence in their academic abilities.  Outside of school I play hockey along with other sports and games.

Hi, I’m Finley! I’m a student at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and I’m on the 2022-2023 honour roll! I’m most passionate about math, science, and english. My other interests are fashion, art and literature history, reading, film and tv, specifically the scream franchise, and music. I help many of my friends and peers with their work at school, and I’m very excited to help other young people with their work now too! This is my first year working with Teenage Tutors but I have worked with many children before in teaching/ learning environments. I have worked with children from the ages of  5-14, and some children who are neurodivergent and have special needs.  I am so excited to help you reach your academic goals and enjoy learning in ways that work for you!

Hello! My name is Fisher, and I am a Grade 12 honour roll student at De La Salle College “Oaklands”.   I have a strong interest in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; I am also proficient in Java.  Throughout my high school career, I have consistently maintained a high academic average and have participated in a variety of clubs.  I am an active member of the DECA business club and the HOSA Canada Club.  I also take part in the Peer Tutoring club and enjoy helping, educating and preparing my classmates for upcoming tests.  My goal as a tutor is to support and guide students in their academic journey by helping them understand challenging concepts, creating a positive and engaging learning environment as well as to provide constructive feedback and guidance to help them achieve their scholarly goals.

Hi! I’m Frances and I’m a grade 12 honour roll student at Notre Dame High School. I have maintained a 96% average with my favourite subjects being the maths and sciences, especially chemistry and physics.  I have won awards in math, english, visual art and communications technology. I also have a strong interest in English and history. My hobbies are playing guitar, piano, badminton, and reading, especially for my book club. I have a passion for being involved with my school community and different fundraising events. I’m friendly and approach things with a calm demeanour.  As a current student, I understand what it feels like to want to be successful and how support and positive encouragement helps to achieve goals. I also understand that achieving these goals builds confidence and leads to continued success. I will make learning an enjoyable experience for everyone, and I can’t wait to help your child learn and grow!

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a grade 12 AP honour roll student. I am very proactive at my school as I am currently the co-president of my school’s “Girl-Up” club, which is a club that advocates for empowering young women.  As for volunteer experience, I have done several hours of mental health-related panels and some hours towards helping my high school.  Regarding work experience, I have worked at a nursing home as a program therapist for my co-op credits and recently worked as a children’s tennis assistant coach.  Overall I am a very kind individual who shares ideas with clarity and listens to others with patience and understanding.

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a first year student at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. I am in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences category and particularly like math and chemistry. Previously, I attended Riverdale Collegiate Institute and took part in the math club and the field hockey team. I completed French immersion up until grade 6 and continued with core french in high school. Outside of school, I enjoy playing games such as gin rummy, cribbage, and chess. I also enjoy playing the guitar, sewing, knitting, and riding my bike. I am thoughtful and organized, and I hope to help your child succeed.

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am currently a Grade 10 honour roll student at Leaside High School.  Science, Math and English are all areas of expertise I can teach to your child!  At school I enjoy participating in the French and Spanish Club, Equity Committee, Leaside Chronicles and so much more!  In my free time I am always caught reading, creatively writing for possible publications, and playing sports.  Some of these sports include basketball, running and swimming.  A few of my achievements include numerous chess certificate awards as well as math contests.  As I have always enjoyed learning;  I hope to be a part of your child’s learning experience by helping them find the study habits and tools they need to succeed!

Hi! My name is Isabel, I’m a grade 11 honour roll student attending Etobicoke School of the Arts as a dance major. I love dancing as it has filled a huge part of my life, I am currently at Swansea school of dance and used to be on the part-time competitive team at Sean Boutilier. At school, I’ve joined the Dance Council where we plan events and fundraisers school-wide and for our dance department. In the past, my middle school had a book buddies period during which we would assist students with their reading skills, (not to brag or anything but I was one of their favourites). I have completed the Red Cross babysitting course, and have helped take care of and entertain children at family reunions. Science is my favourite subject, and academics is where I thrive and enjoy myself the most. I’m eager to support your child in excelling in math and the sciences!

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a grade 11 honours student at Bloor Collegiate Institute enrolled in the TOPS program. At school I am part of the Student Activity Council, Bloor Leadership Team and a member of the badminton team.  Outside of school I love to read, play badminton and spend time outdoors!  I am passionate in the areas of STEM and a recent SHAD alumni. I have lots of experience working with children and students through camp counselling and previous tutoring experience.  I would love to work with you and help you reach your success in whatever learning style works for you!

Hi! My name is Lila and I am in grade 10 at Riverdale Collegiate Institute.  Achieving high marks in school is important to me and has driven me to attain a 95% average the past three years.  I enjoy science, math and music the most in school but I’m always open to learning in any subject. I was in the French Immersion program for 7 years and continue to keep up my French.  In my free time I enjoy dancing and playing multiple instruments, especially the guitar. I have lots of experience working with children of all ages and I am currently teach swimming lessons.  I can’t wait to help out your child in any way I can.

Hi, I’m Lisa, a Grade 12 student in the TOPS program at Bloor Collegiate Institute. Throughout high school I excelled in mathematics, sciences, English and humanities courses, maintaining an average of 98 to 99% each year.  Whether through clubs such as Model UN or volunteering as a peer tutor, I love being involved with the wonderful community at my school.  I believe that it is important to always find challenges and room for self-improvement, so I compete in Waterloo and U of T math contests, write AP exams (Calculus, Physics, Macroeconomics, etc), participate in academic and creative essay contests and engage in as many stimulating pursuits as I can.  Beyond academics, you might find me coaching gymnastics, playing volleyball, solving Rubik’s Cubes, practicing chess or learning some cool card games.  As a tutor, I hope to help and support students, connect them with potential interests and get them excited to learn a subject!

Hi there! My name is Livia and I am a grade 10 student at De La Salle College “Oaklands”.  I have worked with children a lot from volunteering at camps and charities. At school I am active in many clubs, and my academic areas of expertise are maths, science and French.  I love sports such as skiing, swimming and field hockey.  My goal as a tutor is not just to show children the right answer but to equip them with the right tools and knowledge to be able to find answers themselves and enjoy learning inside and outside of school.

Hi, my name is Madeleine and I am a grade 11 honour roll student at Malvern Collegiate Institute in the French immersion program.  I love all subjects but my favourite subjects are French, math, and science.  I play piano and have Level 5 certification. I also love to read and play soccer!  I have experience tutoring many subjects including piano, and I love helping people to excel in school!

Hi, my name is Marc and I am a grade 12 student at St Robert Catholic High School in Thornhill, Ontario.  I am an honour roll student and finished grade 10 with a 92 average. I am an athlete and some of my favourite sports are basketball and football.  I am also enrolled in the school newspaper as I enjoy writing and some of my other hobbies include working out and cooking.  If you pick me as your tutor, I assure you that I will share my abilities to look at problems from different perspectives and think outside the box to assist you (my clients) and help you excel and reach your full potential.

Hi my name is Mathew and I’m currently a grade 12 student attending Dante Alighieri Academy. I excel in english and french and have been taking french in school for the past 12 years. I’m a competitive soccer player and also love playing volleyball. I like to spend my free time going out with friends, going to the gym or going on bike rides. My goal is to make school easier for children who find it so difficult when it doesn’t have to be like that at all. I’ve always been great with children, volunteering at summer camps and now becoming a camp counsellor for the city!

Hi there! My name is Max. I am a grade 11 honours student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at Monarch Park C.I. My favourite subject is math and I also enjoy science and psychology. I take part in many sports but my favourite ones are hockey, baseball and badminton. I have been playing hockey and baseball for about 6 years. As hobbies of mine I enjoy going to the gym, playing the piano and biking. I am easy going and love to help others. I hope to be a part of your child’s learning success!

Hi! My name is Miller. I am a first-year Engineering student at Western University.  I have an adept understanding of the material and am very passionate about the maths & sciences (including computer science).  I am a freestyle ski instructor in the winter and love helping people achieve their goals, both academically and mentally.  I like to mountain bike, play hockey and hang out with friends in my spare time.  I aim to help people grasp different & difficult concepts.  I hope to help your child!

Hi! My name is Misha and I’m a grade 12 student at École Secondaire Toronto Ouest.  I am fluently trilingual in French, English and Russian, and strive for academic excellence in all of my classes.  My strongest subjects are math and French but I’m very comfortable tutoring most other subjects, including but not limited to English, Science, History, Geography and programming.  I’m very passionate about working with students of any level to aid them in understanding challenging concepts and improving their academics in a way that is straightforward and accessible. Outside of school you’ll find me drawing, painting, lifting weights or playing board games with my friends.  I’d be thrilled to get to know your child better and help them achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Hello! My name is Molly and I’m a grade twelve student at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.  I had the highest GPA of anyone in grade ten (96%) and I continue to excel in and enjoy all of my arts and academic courses. I major in vocal music at Rosedale and some of my favourite subjects are Chemistry, Math and English.  At school I’m involved in Chamber Choir, Senior Vocal Choir and Musical Theatre, and in my free time I love to read, write, embroider, and spend time with my friends and family.  I have lots of experience babysitting and working with children of all ages and I’m eager to get started tutoring. I am comfortable tutoring in Math and English and am strongly committed to helping your child succeed!

Hi! My name is Olivia, and I am a St.Joseph College School Grade 11 honour roll student. Math, Drama, and English are my favourite subjects. In my spare time, I participate in the junior sea cadets, play house league hockey, enjoy gaming, and make pottery. This summer, I finished my grade 11 English in Ireland and travelled to Dublin, Cork, and Galway. I am fascinated by Maritime history. I would be delighted to assist you with your grade 9 and 10 math homework, test preparation, and practice math problems.

Hi my name is Remi!  I am a grade 10 student at Neil McNeil High School in Toronto. I like all of my classes but my favourite subject is math. I have completed nine years of French immersion.  I participate in many sports but my favourites are hockey and tennis and have been playing hockey for 10 years and tennis for three. I am very patient with children and I like helping people whenever I can!

Hi! My name is Zoey and I am currently a grade 11 honour roll student at Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute. I greatly enjoy all of my classes, especially English, Math and Science. I have been playing rep level soccer for nine years and I have been the captain for seven of those years. I love children and have been babysitting for four years. I was a camp counsellor during the summer of 2022. At school I help to set up, organize, and supervise sport tournaments and games. I love to read and spend time with my family and friends in my free time. My tutoring goals are to create a positive, judgement-free space for children to learn!

What kind of student becomes a Teenage Tutor?

The simple answer is: grade 10, 11 and 12 boys and girls who maintain an Honours Level of scholastic achievement at their respective high schools.

But if I could generalize they’re smart, ambitious young people who are looking for a flexible part-time job that pays well, and we do, well above the typical wage paid to people their age. Almost as importantly, in this age of highly competitive admissions criteria for university applicants, they’re looking for opportunities to build their personal skills and CV’s. Here’s what one of our tutors wrote as part of a submission to admissions at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario:

Three Tutors sitting with books opened

“This is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for and has benefitted me in many ways. Seeing the children push through their problems first hand, inspires me to excel in my own schooling.  To be a successful tutor,  you must commit to the children 100%, and when you’re with them, they must have your undivided attention. Another way I have benefited is the fact that I have become a more well-rounded person.  Before starting this job in grade 11, most of my time was spent focusing on sports. Once I started, I changed as a person.  As soon as I started mentoring the children, I discovered my passion for helping people.  This job allows me to help out and make money at the same time. It is a dream job!  The honour roll requirement pushes me to stay on the honour roll in order to keep the job and I went from a 75 average student to the 90 average student I am now.  I stayed with sports and am still athletic to this day but by applying myself to this job, I became much more versatile and accomplished.”

Are you an Honour Roll grade 10, 11 or 12 student looking for a flexible part-time opportunity? Click here to apply!

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