by Leah Mortley

child studying and completing homework

I can hear my daughter’s voice, hollering from her room. What could she need help with so desperately at four years old? 

Her socks.

She cannot find the matching ice cream sock.


“Did you look?” I ask.

“Yes!” She sounds sincere.

“Where?” I seriously want to know. Her sock drawer is closed…

I open it up, and miracle of miracles- there it is!

I wish all pleas for help were this simple to solve.

What we really want to teach our kids is how to engage with and solve problems. Asking for help shows that they are willing to try, look and figure out their problem. Unfortunately, some struggles are shorter than others, (socks, anyone?) and they don’t really need help. On the flipside, some children struggle for too long by themselves, and the outcome can have a negative impact. Students suffer in silence, believing it is easier to hide problems than to work through them. Well, they are right. It is easier in the short term. In the long term, it can cause huge issues and have a snowball effect. The outcome is much harder and more complicated than if they had diligently worked through each issue day to day. There are lots of different types of problems, (Little, big, middle. Social, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, relational, on and on) but here at Teenage Tutors, we love helping with homework! It has an impact on so many aspects of a child’s life. Our tutors help children gain confidence, feel supported, and complete homework. 

Homework in itself is a big problem. It’s like a riddle- questions with answers to be sorted, discovered, recorded and shared. For most parents, it is a challenge to help with homework without causing a fight or taking over. That’s why we created this I NEED HELP cheat-sheet. We hope your child will see that there are people and resources in their life who can help with different subjects. Please use and share this sheet with friends- we made it super simple so you can paste it into your own document, edit on your own and if you want, print and not waste precious ink. Post it on a wall or tape it to their desk so they can refer to it next time you hear “I NEED HELP!” 


There really is no (homework or other) problem too big we can’t solve TOGETHER!  

Send us a message if you’re looking for specific resources or sign up if you want to add an honour roll high school tutor to your child’s list of helpers.


Leah Mortley is a manager with Teenage Tutors  in the West End of Toronto. She was a little too obsessed and stressed with homework as a child, (too many tears to count) and now loves helping families and children find confidence and peace in their educational journey. Leah attended the Nipissing University School of Business and loved walking the trails and running from wildlife on the way to class, (deer, squirrels, and once she saw a bear outside her residence room window!) She works from home while raising her two adorable children and is grateful to explore the world with them-some of their favourite places right now include Magwood Park and Humber Bay Park. Leah was born in Sault St Marie, raised in Innisfil and has lived in Lively,  Peterborough, North Bay, Montreal and now, thankfully, the less-snowy Toronto. She hopes to see Teenage Tutors expand and help families across Canada.